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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes!!!

Last July, I was attending a wedding for my cousin and I was so stressed out. I was over 200lbs and couldn't find a dress that was flattering, my belly was huge and it was depressing. My girlfriend who recently lost over 50lbs gave me a couple dresses from her closet(size 18) and I picked which one I wanted. I was so upset, looking for sandals to wear because I was so uncomfortable wearing them big huge feet because they were so fat. While at the wedding, I wore a 1 piece dress with a belt at the waist. My belly was so big that I broke the belt, so I had to take the belt off, I refused to get out of my seat during the reception and I was pretty sad. I was mortified and told myself that I would work hard to lose the weight, my journey didn't officially begin until September.

Fast Forward, this past Saturday. Because my hubs and I have 2 small kids we don't have much date nights for ourselves, we are really doing something this July because for 2 weekends straight we have did something, just the two of us. It has proven to be something that we need to do more often, its so cool to date him all over again!!! We went to a wedding together and while shopping for a dress, I was a bit uncomfortable at first and I kept looking in the misses area every store I went to. The dresses were just too big, finally I went to JC Penney and found a dress, I put it on and it fit perfectly, guess what size 12!!!! I went to Bakers for some sexy heels and I wore a size 8.5!!! What a difference a year makes!!! It's taking me some time to get my weight off, but the slow process is proving to pay off because I'm not gaining it back!!!

Dukan Update: I took a break from the Dukan for the past 6 days, I've been eating fruit(the only different item). I felt like I needed to because my TMI was real! And I don't want to be uncomfortable like that! Other than that, I can see myself going back to it, but for now all of the best fruit is in season!

Monday, July 11, 2011



I have had the most uncomfortable bowel movements in the past week. I mean, its unreal. I was a bit hesitant continuing the Dukan Diet, but after careful research, I went to pick up some green tea. I drink the Diet Green tea by Lipton for a little sweet when I have the urge for juice. I went to Trader Joe's picked up the tea and have been drinking that along with my 8 glasses of water and it's. a. MIRACLE.

Back to normal. Aside from the fact the food is just BORING, that was my only other issue. Still pressing forward!!! I have no desire to quit this diet just yet. Maybe after doing it for 6 weeks.

Non Scale Victory!

I went to Marshall's this weekend to find something to wear to the R. Kelly/Marsha Ambrosius concert. I walked through the store, I would usually walk straight in over to the Plus Size area and look at the 1x tops. So, a freak of habit that's what I did. The shirts were falling off of me. I went over to the XL tops in Misses and those were still kind of big, and they weren't flattering at all. There is a Junior Plus section, so I tried on a L and XL dress. I could fit the LARGE! I was so pleased! I brought some nude wedges, I usually wear size 10(have been giving those away because they are too big). I was able to get a size 9, I could have worn an 8.5 but, it was the first time wearing them so I wanted to give myself room. I am very pleased!!! The hubs and I went to the casino for dinner(there was a buffet). I did so well, probably because I kept getting so many compliments on how good I looked in that sexy dress! I will wear it again this week to take a picture, pics came out too dark. Continuing on with the Dukan Diet, feeling good, getting bored with the food, but I want to lose my goal for the month of July!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was sick for the first part of last week and didn't eat much and then the last part of the week, cookouts, pool parties, bday parties #FAIL I went hard on the Attack Phase on the Dukan Diet Monday and have been following it every since. I was pretty mad at myself and had a headache on Monday that last until just about last night.

I had to be honest. I will keep you posted.