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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weigh In/Goals/My 2 Cents


Today, I weighed in at -.2 and I'm very pleased. Quite honestly, I thought I would gain, I was on my cycle and Thanksgiving was here and I was craving every bad thing under the sun. Good thing, I didn't have it all, but I did have a few things. I didn't work out on my lunch hour today, and I think I will take today off, but I will get back to it come tomorrow. Who knows...I may do it tonight. Anyway, I have wonderful goals for the month of December. I have dinners, parties, concerts, plays and the such this month and it will be a challenge, but my ultimate goal is to be in 1derland December 31st! I will give myself the entire month this is my personal goal and I am so determined to meet this goal. I have some motivational treats for myself I have been rounding up all of my pictures from last year around this time and the past recent months and I will post them in a couple weeks or so, they will be on a series of Flashback Friday's to keep myself on track and motivated. I also decided that it would be very wise to take my measurements. I was very bummed, when I took them just recently I probably won't post those until the 31st of December as well, just to see where I am on that date to start my new year off fresh.

NSV: I am very pleased to say that I have dropped out of my size 18 pants, as well as my size 16s. I am presently wearing a size 14 and I am very excited about that! I have not worn a size 14 jean in about 4 years! That's huge for me. I also went through my closet trying on clothing and looked silly in my 2x and 1x shirts. I gave them to the Salvation Army. I was in deep denial in between pregnancies and purchased XL pea coats. Very nice coats, if I wore them I couldn't button them or I had to wear a t-shirt and honey it would be cold outside. Well, this past Sunday I wore my pea coat, buttoned, and tied around the waist for the first time ever! Mind you the coats are basically new. I have worn them once or twice before. My husband said, did you go out and buy some new stuff for yourself! I am very pleased where this journey is taking me. I have alot to be thankful for. Maybe the last 1,519,324,619 times that I started this journey really wasn't the time for me to mentally to do this, but this the right time.

My 2 Cents PointsPlus Weight Watchers: I have read so many boards and I have read tons of blogs and alot of people are not giving it a chance at all. I will say this, it is good to try something new. I'm big on change! I will give my review of the program after I have followed it for a week. Today, started the new program and all I can say is YAY for 0 point fruit!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Welp, back from the holiday and feeling good. My weekend was wonderful. I absolutely love Thanksgiving! I think its the laid back, chill time to relax and enjoy your family. I'm very blessed and I had time to reflect even more so when my hubby is putting up the tree or my daughter is so excited to pull up the decorations for Christmas or my son is pulling all of those decorations that my daughter and I worked so hard putting up... down. Life's great, we all have our share of ups and downs and honey I am no stranger to it, but I have had the opportunity to reflect, relax and relate with my wonderful hubby and 2 beautiful healthy babies! I love my life!

Anyway, Thanksgiving went very well. I cooked a few things, picked up a few things from my mom and I will say I did very well. I had my cornbread stuffing and I was so happy! I also made for the first time collard greens and those bad boys were the bomb!!! I used greens that were already cleaned(I didn't want to get anyone sick). My daughter helped me make cupcakes and my son made sure to eat as much as he could! We had a blast. The tree is up and the decorations are out around the house. I have a couple things to put up outside of my house and we will be ready to go.

Now, I didn't get any workouts in this weekend, busy chilling with the family, shopping and watching movies. I did, however, decide to hit up the gym last night while the kids spent some time with their daddy. I am on Week 2 of Couch to 5K. It is getting easier, my shins hurt and sometimes my back, but the showers after the workouts are the best! I'm gearing up for my 11am workout with my co-workers. We have Weight Watchers come to work on Tuesdays and tomorrow we will find out about the new program that was rolled out today, hearing alot of rumblings and kind of bummed because I have all of these cool apps on my phone to work with the old points value. Oh well, such is life. I have less than a month to lose 7lbs, to reach my first goal. I will focus on what I eat, plan ahead, work out at least 5 days a week, take the stairs and drink my water! I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love Thanksgiving!

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving! I spend time with my family, eat good, shop the next day...all day and chill the entire weekend watching movies! Now, that I have decided to change my lifestyle Thanksgiving is still by far my favorite holiday, however, my eating will definitely be different. I am looking forward to one thing, mom's cornbread dressing! I know its like 8 points for a cup, but that's one thing I'm not giving up on. I will eat lots of veggies and a little turkey, but I want the dressing she makes it twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas and gosh darn it, I will not miss out on it! Dessert is not a big deal for me, I don't care about sweet potato pie and pumpkin rolls and such, so I will enjoy my dressing for dessert later jello with whipped cream.

Weigh In: So, I have been sick the past few days and I have not been eating because it comes back up some way some how. I am determined to feel better by tomorrow, but my belly is still aching today. I had to drop in a WW office yesterday, just to weigh in because I was not feeling it and I was down 2lbs. I'm excited about the loss, and I am trying my best to reach my 1st goal under 200 by Christmas and at this point it's totally doable.

30 Day Shred Update: I was Shredding for about a week and I start talking to co-workers about it and they want to join in. We are moving to a new building for work and in the new workout facility, there will be an aerobic class and we will go in there to do the DVD's there are quite a few on the list, so I will be sure to add that back in but, right now I'm doing the Couch to 5K, Zumba and a Circuit Training class. I want to stay as active as I can during this cold winter season, because come spring, I want to look and feel great in my NEW clothes!

I'm so grateful for my family and many people that I have met while on this journey in the blogging community. I can't say it enough I love having virtual support it makes me want to push myself harder.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Days

I worked out 5 days last week! 4 during the week and my husband encouraged me to go to the gym on Saturday morning. I did a circuit class and ran for about 20 minutes. I felt great! I had on my sweat suit and I was soaking wet(listen I don't sweat but the obvious places and in my hair) so, the sweat suit makes me feel really good. I was so excited I did so well with my workouts last week. I decided that I wanted Red Lobster for dinner, crab cakes and a salad and some of those you hear what I hear, SABOTAGE! What the hell is wrong with me? I worked out last week. I was so determined that when my workout crew at work didn't workout for 2 days, I did it alone and I had the nerve to go to Red Lobster, nothing on that menu is working with what I have going on right now, but I wanted those biscuits(kept telling my hubby crab cakes). Anyway, I had 5, yes I said FIVE of those damn biscuits and to top it off this cookie desert looked so good I got it and shared with the kids. I got home about 6 pm and I was so mad at myself because my stomach was aching so bad.... Why do I feel the need to do this to myself? I want to lose the weight, I have imagined myself at goal weight, running miles and miles, doing fun stuff with the kiddies, going on family vacations, looking oh so fly in this freakum dress for my 30th next August. Why, the sabotage? Anyway, going to the gym in an hour or so, and picking myself back up. I won't beat myself up anymore. By the way, I was still sick yesterday, so I beat myself up Saturday evening and all day yesterday. I got to get it together.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My new found love is...running. I know. I know. I can't believe it myself but, I know that I need to step it up and really move and get a good workout in. I hate working out, but the hardest thing is to lace up those shoes and make it up in your mind that you will do it. I don't enjoy it while I'm doing it, but my Playlist on Pandora is always jumping! The hot shower afterwards is what I look forward to and I have so much energy in the evening to do fun stuff with the kiddies and the smiles on their faces makes it all worthwhile. In past Novembers(10 years), I have been sitting on the couch eating oreo cookies, butter pecan ice cream, Fritos, Doritos and every carb I could think of. It's cold outside, let me just enjoy this cold weather and all of the carbs my little heart can hold and so....I eat. But Easter rolls around and spring, then summer and I am so mad at myself that I have not lost any weight so I can wear really cute clothes, or I don't want to show my arms because they are so big. This journey has taught me so much about myself. I've learned that I can start something and see it to it's finish. I am strong and I am human. If I stumble, I dust myself off and get back up the same day to start over. Today, will be workout #4 this week and my goal is to get one more in this weekend. I am determined to get at least 4 in a week at 30 minutes to an hour. I'm still eating as clean as ever, I really don't have a desire for any other meat. I'm loving the variety of fish that I've been cooking and I'm definitely learning something new about myself, this is my journey. I will reach my goal this time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weight Watchers Meeting

I weighed in today....I was a bit discouraged last night and had a few things I should not have, but I went HARD in the gym today right before my meeting to make up for it. I made my mini goal and that was to be under 210 and I did it! Slow and steady wins the race. I have to keep telling myself I didn't gain this weight in a short period of time. My goal is to be well under 200 and I am on my way. I will walk this evening in an 8k to open our Lightfest for the holidays and I'm excited about that. I will meet up with some work folks to do so. I just found out today that my work will be bringing in women instructors for Zumba class, starting the new year!!! I'm excited! I would love to do that! I would like to be as active as I can, so I can not get back to this weight again. My daughter will start Tae-Kwon Do and Gymnastics in January, she wants to play soccer in the spring. I have to be active and healthy for my babies, that's the most important thing to me. I believe I can and will do it. I may have some setbacks but, getting back in the game is all that matters in the long run.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shred Update/Clean Eating

Happy Monday!

So, I have been working out with my trainer, Jillian for the past 5 days and she has been kicking my butt! My knees ache and so does my arms but, I feel good after the workout. I think I will take the day off today, I also workout on my lunch hour while at work. It's great to have a gym at work and I'm silly for after 7.5 years of using it every now and then. But, such is life and now I'm taking full advantage of it and I can't complain! I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow. I have been eating on plan and decided last week that I needed to eat "clean". I have been eating lots of veggies, fruits, tofu, fish and I feel good and I think I will keep this up!

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower for one of my cousins. I ate about 2 hours before I went to the shower. Let me just say what was on the menu, un freaking believable: spaghetti, mac and cheese, baked beans with ground beef and ham, dinner rolls, fried chicken and cakes. There was not a piece of fruit or vegetable on the tables! I don't get together with my entire family(there are lots of us (15 aunts, 3 uncles)) that often, but from now on and in order for me to be successful, I will have to bring my own food. They need some darn vegetables in their lives anyway!

My husband and I went to this huge mall on Saturday with the kiddies. I know it might sound strange but I want to lose weight so I can shop at Forever 21! Its true, it's true, but so what they have adorable clothing. The best part about this store is they have the Love 21, Faith 21, Heritage 21 and Forever 21 clothing in the store. I got to get up close and personal with the clothes that I drool online about. That motivated me even more to drop this weight, stay on plan and workout. Trying to stay motivated, I want out of the 200's, ONEderland I'm coming, give me a few more weeks!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Hop

30 Day Shred - Day 1

I ordered this DVD about a month ago. As I sat at my desk today thinking of my weight loss goals for November I thought...I need to step it up! I love reading other women's weight loss blogs, reading their stories and getting motivation. Today, while at home with my kids, I pulled this DVD out of my gym bag(I originally brought it for my co-worker workout group) but, I didn't get a workout in with them today and decided that it's time for me to try it out, and believe it or not, this DVD is a 20 minute workout but, baby, GET READY! It is a true WORKOUT! Jillian kicks your butt for the full 20 minutes non-stop. The DVD has 3 levels and you will do each level for 10 days. My body aches but you know what? I feel good about taking my weight loss to another level! I'll let you know what's up on Day 5! I believe in order to reach my end of the month goal of dropped lbs. I have to step it up....we shall see what happens!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ok, so today was my official weigh in. I am down 1 lb. That's fine, because I lost. It's not how much you lose as long as you lose. My goal for next week is to be 209. My goal for the end of the month is 200lbs. I am busy planning Thanksgiving. Our family has 2 stops to make inlaws and my family and that will, indeed, be a busy day. From Thanksgiving past, my family doesn't do the whole veggie thing or salads, aside from collard greens. I have to come up with a plan, the dinner is mostly carbs. We have mashed potatoes, yams, mac and cheese, greens, cornbread dressing, dinner rolls, ham, turkey and dessert. I'm in the process to make this Thanksgiving a successful day. My co-worker used to weigh 240lbs., she has lost 87lbs in a year on Weight Watchers. She rocks! I'm excited about the possibilities. I was told by my Weight Watchers instructor that the program will be changing the week after Thanksgiving. But, my class will run until December 21st, and she won't introduce it until the new should be interesting.

Monday, November 8, 2010


So, today I'm back in the office after being in my home office for about three and a half weeks. Listen, it was very nice to be cozy in jammies all day, washing clothes, cleaning house. The bad part about it routine. I worked out maybe twice. I didn't get much weight off, in fact, I gained 2 lbs. I was bummed because I was working and staying around the house and forgot my plan. And then I would weigh in and have the nerve to get mad. Listen, if you don't move, you don't lose! Get up and do something! So, today I worked out with my work crew and it was a good one, they killed me! My legs feel like jelly, my butt hurts and so does my abs but I feel good! I'm also going to a hip hop cardio class tonight at the gym. I think it's time to do something fun while working out, that way I will have something to look forward to.

Tomorrow is my weigh in. But, today, I unofficially weighed in and I'm not up from last week, but I'm only down a .5 lb. My goal is to be in the low 200's by the end of this month. I have decided to set small goals for my self each week, and I think that will hold me accountable to lose weight.

I meet up with my college girlfriends every blue moon. The 5 of us got together for dinner and a movie Saturday. I was so pleased that everyone was on some sort of weight loss plan!! We all ate good food, but healthy, and had good conversation. I'm happy to see that my girlfriends are changing their lifestyle as well.

My goal for tomorrow's weigh in is to be at last week weight or a pound loss. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 7

So, I had a gain again this week of 0.8. Bummed out, because I was not even on plan like I needed to. I'm mad at myself because I was eating that candy from Halloween like a lunatic. I'm mad at myself because I had the nerve to buy my kid some chips and I ate them. Anyway, I fell off the boat and I am presently trying to get back on board. I worked out at the gym today and my husband asked me to do the Shred DVD with him this evening. I have to reach this goal of being under 200 by the end of the year, I was on track to getting it done before then. I'm going to continue this journey, I think I got a little ahead of myself, but I'm back I have a problem and I have to take it day by day.