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Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 4 Mission and Whole 30 Food Plan

Feeling good this Monday! Don't you just love sunshine and warm temps?! I do, it gives me the best mood! Welp, Week 4 I was not as active in the gym as I anticpated. I worked out only 3 days. I had a pretty busy week with my little girls bday, she's 4 now!!!
Here's how my week went:
Monday: Bootcamp!!!!! My favorite class, did I tell you my teacher was a maniac???! She will work the hell out of you. Pushups, kicks, huddles, squats, lunges, curls, abs!!!!! Quit playing, the only thing I didn’t care for was her music this week! WTH! I want good music too!! She’s been on point, but I was not a fan. I had a great workout and was exhausted afterward. I decided to add another riser to my stepper(3 now!) and I decided to get rid of the 5lb. weights. I’m at 7.5lbs, I was going to jump to 10, but we do too many reps to do that. Give me a couple week…shoooo
I woke up this morning(Tuesday) so exhausted. I couldn’t get up. I’m excited about Aqua Fit tonight. The class was wonderful, I thought to myself I will hit up the Bodyworks class after AquaFit. Well, my MANIAC teacher is the instructor…enough said. I think I will record about 5 minutes of her workout so you can see what I’m talking about. I couldn’t do the full hour. I was exhausted with a headache. I was a bit bummed and felt like a failure.
Wednesday: My body was aching so bad, that I decided to sit in the hot tub and hit the sauna for a total of an hour today.
Friday: The kiddies and I put the bikes in the car and went to a trail by me. I walked while they rode their bikes and it was about a mile and a half or so, with a few stops here and there.
Saturday: Great day the kiddies and I got out and went for a walk, played a little frisbee, hit up the park and went to the track to walk, they were exhausted once it was all said and done. My body feels good. I have been wearing clothes that I purchased when I was over 200 and decided that I wanted to look cute, so I feel good!
My sis in law, who looks freaking amazing gave me some info on her eating plan and I was reading it over for the past couple days. I decided that I am going to try out this challenge!
Yesterday, was my official first day! Cutting out sugars for me is a big deal! However, I think I need to step it up a bit, I feel good about my activity but I'm not on "plan" 100% as I should. So, I will keep you posted weekly as to how I'm coping on the plan. Sticking to the plan 100% YIKES

Goals for this week: Follow Whole 30 Plan and work out 5 days!!! Let's get it in.

Oh, by the way, I was in a true storm for the first 5 months of this wouldn't believe my story if I told it to you. But, God is amazing! I am so excited about the new beginnings he has in store for me and my loved ones.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 3:) Mission Summary

This week started off with my aunt coming over to visit, but she didn’t pack as heavy as she did last month. So, I’m in full workout mode!
I was able to start this workout week off with my favorite class at the gym Bootcamp Conditioning! I have never had ass sweat before, but I like it! Pretty much drenched after this class, socks included and I LOVE IT! Everything aches, but I feel good at the same time. I’ve been very outgoing with my little workout people, making conversation, exchanging numbers or email and it’s been proving itself to go well thus far(keep you posted), because the ladies will ask if you are coming out or see you soon and because I had car issues a few girls offered to come get me. Of course, I declined, because I have backup boo… P90x. Not 1 little monkey will stop my show!!! I’m on a mission! I told you last week the instructor is a maniac. The class is super packed, it’s a wonderful workout. This week she had a lot of jumping jacks, squats, lunges and sprints as well as curls, press and core workouts. She was really good with keeping the heart rate up(almost died). While in the class I actually enjoy her as an instructor, she’s engaged, she works out with you and she actually motivates you while working out. Her music is the BOMB! She had a lot of old school rap. Salt N Pepa, MC Lyte, Hammer and she mixed it up with house music (LOVE), a little rock and new hip hop and ended it on some nice relaxing jazz! The girl knows what she’s doing. Great teacher and I will stalk each one of her classes!!
Tuesday: Bootcamp Conditioning!!! Let me start off by saying the thought of taking this class had me HYPED! However, it was taught by a different teacher. He had the class set up in 4 stations, yoga mats, steppers, weights and empty floor space. There were a variety of exercises: squats, lunges, leg raises, leg lifts, shoulder press, crunches (different variations) running and other things I don’t know the names of right off the back. I will say he was indeed a teacher, I felt like the class was a beginner class. The class was challenging at times, but I didn’t feel like it was a full on workout for me. I don’t think I will be going back to that class. I had a ton of energy after the class, that I got home cooked for the family, gave baths, cleaned house, showered, pulled out clothes for the next day, packed backpacks, made lunches than went to bed! I want to be challenged!!!! So much so, that after the class there is a little boost of energy and I can make my husband do the rest that was just mentioned!
Wednesday: My Company has a companywide initiative to lose weight, move more and live healthy. We have personal trainers come in twice a week to train with employees, Weight Watchers at work; all floors have a glass staircase on each floor to engage you into walking up and down the steps to work with colleagues. We have a wellness committee. This committee has organizations come in to engage you in living healthier. This is such a great perk as I am on my journey changing my lifestyle. Today, we walked with the CEO, this month we are walking in the American Heart Association downtown Detroit and there are some people who will not be participating. So, the CEO of our company had a 3 mile walk schedule for any who wanted to participate. Our turnout was ok (35 people), the weather was freaking amazing (77 degrees) and I was so glad I had my walking shoes. I went to the Bodyworks plus Abs class this evening. I will say this class was intense, with lunges, squats and weights. The class is more of a strength training class. My butt was hurting so bad and all of those Ab exercises were hard. I am taking into account that my stomach is my biggest problem area. It’s hard to do a lot of the exercises; it doesn’t stop me from trying it and doing at least half of what the instructor is asking. I’ve decided that I will use 10lb weights starting next week(using 7.5lbs) while lifting and working out. I like that the teacher was fun, dancing and enjoying herself. Her music was nice, she played my girl Adele and I couldn’t believe the hour was up quickly.
Saturday: Aqua Fit Class-the teacher was older and it wasn’t much of a workout for me. I didn’t get into anything else, because my daughter is in cheerleading and gymnastics on Saturday mornings, too busy!
I sabotaged myself Saturday afternoon, I had 3 slices of pizza I’m only human, will not beat myself up.
Foods that I am loving right now:
Black beans
Bamboo shoots
All green leafy things
Chocolate Nut Brownie Luna Bar 180 calories(my chocolate “candy” fix)

Goals for this week: 6 workouts!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 2: Mission

Mission Week 2:

I have made a conscious effort not to weigh myself for a full month. Due to my thyroid issue and meds, I don’t want to stress over the number that leads to unnecessary eating and emotions that are just silly. I will weigh myself May 25th. I will not re-join Weight Watchers at Work. Because I have my thyroid issue I am at the doctors once a month anyway for him to monitor my meds and why dip double work. Once I have worked out the proper meds and potentially having a tonsillectomy I will then make a decision on joining again in the fall.
Workout Schedule
Monday: P90X Synergy(during lunch
Bootcamp in the evening the teacher was a maniac! MANIAC! I couldn’t believe it, I was so tired. She had some bomb music; she was a dude with a ponytail. The class consisted of jumping jacks, jump rope, and stepper, running low, sprinting, pushups, squats, booty exercises and abs. The class was high impact and I felt it that evening. My heart was beating so hard, that I thought it was going to explode and my legs and arms were already in pain from the pushup, squats, lunges, and weights during my lunch hour. I’m still feeling good and I am still keeping my momentum
Tuesday: AquaFit Class I made it to my class 10 minutes early and spent 5 minutes in the hot tub and moved to the pool. The class requires a pair of swim shoes, a swim cap(black girls don’t like to have their hair wet daily), swim suit and water weights. Now, the weights are very light, you can add water to them for your resistance or you can leave it empty. I’m short 5’2, I was over in the 4’6 ft of water, there is more resistance at that end, I found myself not able to move into a full squat at that area of water but the class was really big yesterday(my first time going) and I couldn’t pull myself to move to the more shallow end. The workout consisted of kicks, squats, lifting, lunges, balance, and core, jumping and running. After the class I thought to myself I don’t think I will take this class again because I was very relaxed. I spoke to a woman before class who has been going to the class since October (2x) a week and has went from a 24 to a 12. That was nice to hear, however, I thought I need more high impact. I need to feel like I’m really getting a workout in. Honey, I woke up this morning feeling it. My arms, my thighs, my calves I can’t lie it was a great workout. I will keep this class apart of my workout.
I did realize something after the classes. I’m not nearly as hungry as I am usually. I want to eat everything when I’m just at the house, but the workouts have been keeping me busy, working all day long, and then mommy and wife on top of that! It’s a lot of work. But, I’m going to keep it moving.
I had some car issues toward the end of the week, so I did Yoga X, Plyometrics and Kendo with P90X toward the end of the week.
My eating was on point. I stayed under 1400 calories all week. I had a cheat day on Mother’s Day(where I had chocolate brownie and ice cream that I shared with my sisters), it was yummy, but I still allotted that in my 1400 calories for the day. All in all I think week 2 was a success even though I encountered some car issues.

***Note: The pictures are a #fail. My goal for last week was to take pictures while in gym, however, my phone was on the fritz. Anywho, I will come up with something better as I need to see more pics of myself for progress purposes.***