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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last week's binge:

3 slices of pizza with everything on it.
Ice cream with fudge
Lorna Doone cookies (6 times)
Big Mac meal, large Sprite and an apple pie
I'm sure I had something else just can't think of it at this time.
unlimited snacking, mindless snacking for no apparent reason, worked out once and I fell into a slump.

I weighed in today....5lbs! I gained 5 mutha freaking pounds! No one's fault but my own. My WW leader was so disappointed, she kept telling me that I was rocking it out, what happened. I have to figure out a better way to handle my freaking stress. Anyway, Today begins a new week and my goal is to stay on track. Whatever comes my way, I need to take it, deal with it and don't try to "eat it away". I'll keep you posted. I had to keep it real.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bad Week

Daylight savings time change.
Hubby had another seizure.
Work is demanding.
Pressure to get the job done.
Overwhelmed with all other things outside of life.
Eating horribly, as I am overwhelmed and I am an emotional eater.
Didn't weigh in this week because I knew it would be bad.
Not proud of what's going on right now, but I had to keep it real.

Hopefully, my weekend can afford me some rest and I will start the next week with a fresh perspective.

Until next time, take care of you and yours.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So, this has got to be the worst week I’ve had in my life…no really!
I digress.
I. WILL. Move. Forward.

On a totally different note....

Workout front: I am killing myself in the gym(in a good way). My workout partner(she’s lost over 100lbs., she’s a great motivator, she’s too skinny in my opinion, but I think she looks good) and I have been working out with DVD’s, recruited more people and now have a class full during lunch hour, sweating hard. DVD’s we’ve used are:
Weight Watchers Full body
30 Day Shred
Sweating to the Oldies!(my idea!)

I suggested that we do the stairs…as in running up stairs! WHY! Who the heck am I fooling, I’m not a mass machine just yet, but baby this is a wonderful workout! I feel good AFTER the workout (during, not so much) and I have decided to have my stair workout 2 days per week, its excellent strength training and I have decided to get into the Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon this summer. My work is having an American Heart Association walk this May. I will be doing a lot of stuff outside with my kids this summer and this winter, has been very productive, I feel good…I’m not there, but this is a lifestyle change…so give me some time.

On the eating front: Although, I am a stress eater, my diet has been amazing since Sunday (3 day binge after I got off of my fast last week). My official weigh in was not a gain, I stayed the same. I’ve been eating clean and lean, getting my water in. My skin looks great; I got a compliment about my skin the other day. I was told I had a glow…I haven’t heard that since I was going through the wedding planning process or prego. I know that can’t happen(my hubby took care of it), so I’m clearly eating the right things!

On the work front: I love where I work, not my job, but the organization is amazing. I can work out out on my lunch hour, it’s all about healthy living, they totally care about their people, but I have come to the realization that it’s time for me to move along. I have been working here for about 8 years, fresh out of college and the time has come to make a very important decision, if I am going to move forward and feel like I am contributing to the organization this may not be the place for me….I will keep you posted. There are some stars on the horizon with my name on it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Keeping It Real

I can't show my face....I ought to be ashamed...I am, ok about 40% of me is.

I am mad at me for pigging out like I did, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I was so happy to eat meat, so breakfast I had real sausage(Jimmy Dean Maple), for lunch I had a salad with cheese and bacon! Bacon, really...and for dinner I went to my favorite soul food restaurant and had baked chicken, yams and cabbage oh it was good! I enjoyed every bite. Friday, I had girl scout cookies and enjoyed every bite of those Tagalong devils and then Saturday evening, I had honey chicken and crab rangoon from my favorite chinese spot. OMG, whose stomach was tore up! Not mine, got a belly of steel but when I got up and weighed myself(unofficially)on Sunday I was up 4lbs! 4lbs since Tuesday! So, yesterday, I put myself back into my sis in law says, "we fall down, but we get up" I think she got that from Donnie McClurkin, but still she said it. Anywho, this is a wake up call. I should have not done that, but because I'm human it happens....welp was on track all day yesterday and feeling better today...I'm going ice skating on my lunch with some co-workers(this should be fun as I don't know how to skate), good times! Anyway, hoping for a better week. SMH

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here we are 3rd month of the year and I am very happy with the results I have so far. I am, however, concerned regarding the weight loss that I have lost during this February 30 day fast. I would like to hope that losing a total of 24lbs in 2 months is a good thing, but I don’t think so. I’m moving back into a new/normal eating pattern, which will consist of:
Carbs twice a week
Lots of water intake

I will see what my new plan will do for me, but I am interested in keeping the weight that I lost off, but to be quite honest it’s not healthy to lose that much weight in a short period of time. I will see at my next weigh in what my new eating plan is doing for me. I am officially on day 29 today and I feel closer with God, clear mind, clear thoughts, more productive and a better overall relationship with the hubby. I really feel like this was a great experience for me and my husband to parent better and make better decisions as a couple.

I have been looking over food journals for January as well as workout schedules for the past 2 months I can say I have not been good at keeping my commitments when it comes to working out. I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the gym. I get it in 45-50 minutes (usually my lunch hour) unless work gets in the way and I shower and eat at my desk. I love the convenience and the option to do so, because its just not easy with 2 little ones at home and a husband who is always working or doing his school thing. But, I’m making it work. I think once the weather gets better I can also get my kiddies out there to partake in the fun.

I am pleased to announce that I have recently shopped at Platos Closet (goal) and Forever 21(jewelry: couldn’t wait to wear bracelets and rings!). I’m on a new mission, because my goal is to wear dresses or skirts all summer. So, my goal is to get my legs and thighs....I will be happy once I hit another 30lbs lost.