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Monday, January 30, 2012

Deal of the Week


Because I love couponing so much, I have decided to add this treat to my blog. The Deal of the week. I will post once a week on a deal that is just toooooo amazing to pass up.

Go to CVS today. Pick up the Skintimate Shave gel, it retails between $3.59-$3.89 depending on where you live. Purchase it and CVS will give you $4 in Extra Care Bucks. You have to have a CVS card. You can purchase as many as you like. What I did was spent the initial $3.59 for the 1st one and did separate transactions receiving the $4 that CVS gave me. I ended up with a total of 12 Shaving gels and I only spent $3.59 out of my pocket. I can split it between me, mom and sisters. Go over and check out the deal!! This deal is running through the end of February. However, when you have extreme couponers out there, you never know if your store will have them AND its rumored that this deal may not last, it could be a computer glitch.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update/New Hobby/Introducing exercise to kids

Hey all!

All is well in my world. I am still having my 6 meals a day. I am exactly 1 week away from the Vegan Fast. I have start pulling dairy out of my diet this week, I have been having a sugar issue lately, headaches. My goal is to get rid of sugar for about 6 months. With the goal of giving it up totally. Easier said than done. But, we are ending January on a high note. The workouts with the hubby is still running smoothly. He has been stepping his game up as well. As he has been working out 2 times a day 3 days week on his days off. I'm proud of him. It motivates me to see him want to keep up the good job as well. I need to stay motivated and focused.

My daughter is so interested in yoga(4 years old). We went to the basement(our workout area) over the weekend and did yoga together, she was having a good time until 15 minutes in and wanted to give up(it's 30 minutes long). I also have the Kinect games that we have been keeping her active in during this cold season. I hope to keep her interested and active as well. So far so good! 30 days today that she has been interested in doing a physical activity each day and I have been making sure that she gets it in!

Lastly, I picked up a new hobby. If you know me personally, you know that I am always on the hunt for a good deal. I like to spend money on smart things like, investing in my children's and family future. Planning for vacations, Disney this year and 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii in 2 more years. We will be gone for 10 days and renewing our vows, its very expensive and I have had to dip into the money on emergency at times, but we are still moving forward. I love to thrift, for myself and my children and about 2 months ago I decided to get into couponing!

I was really bad at first, and thought it was complicated. I started off with just 1 Sunday paper, a few blogs, youtube and this has turned into the best hobby! My goal is to save money at all cost. I hate to blow money on silly things. And, whoa! Over the course of the last 25 days(because I just got good at it) I created a huge binder, separating all of my coupons by category, found the best youtubers, blogs and websites and can honestly say. I got it going on! This month I have picked up the following:

Fabric Softener
Dishwashing Liquid
Dish Detergent
Laundry Detergent
Toilet Cleaning systems
Paper Towel
Pull ups
Air Freshners
Brita Water Pitcher

I have not spent more that $4 out of pocket when leaving a store on my purchases, most times I have come out spending only change or better yet, $0.00!!! I am so happy that this is working well. I am trying to learn my grocery store, currently researching coupon policy, looking for stores that double or triple manufacture coupons. I'm on a mission!

So far this month, I have spent a little under $25 on all of the items mentioned and have shared some of these items with my mother. I have $15 in mail in rebates. My $50 per month spending is going well. Today is January 25th, and I have $8 left to spend on myself. I purchased Bath and Body works body wash(my favorite)(before semi annual sale, $30, accessories at Target for $12). Let's see how I can knock out this last $8 if not, I will save it and slide it into next month!!! Happy Saving!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm a bit tired. So much is going on in life! Goodness, its really hard to juggle life sometimes, but I digress. I have been making my 6 small meals each night and that has not been that difficult because I'm eating more veggies and fruits and lean meats. I have been eating whole grains once a day, but that is my 5th meal as I am trying to eat any carbs an hour after my workout and I have lost 5lbs in the last week. It's paying off, but it is time consuming. Oh well, I am just mentally preparing for the 30 day Fast with my church for February. I'm excited about the weight loss and on top of that my cycle is here, so that's a huge plus! I haven't eaten out in 2 weeks, I am a little afraid of what will happen when I finally decide to do so.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


...I have the blues. I don't know why, well I guess I have an idea. The holidays are over, all of the good times, i.e. parties, dinners, cocktail hour, shopping, being lazy and just fellowshipping with the family October - December is done and now....NOTHING! So, I have the blues. The upside to this is we have no snow here in MI. That's one thing to be happy about, because this year I am unusually sad. Oh well, while reading my food journal for the past 3 months, I realized I half wrote in it and skipped meals and didn't drink much water. So, I have decided to eat 6 small meals a day. Eat out once a week. Drink water only! ONLY WATER! and get my workouts in with the hubby(which have been going so well). We have been doing TaeBo together. (Insane abs everynight!!!) I have P90X, we will start them in February. And, I have been taking full advantage of my Dance Central 2 and Zumba disc on the Xbox 360. I hope to finish this month strong and be physically and mentally prepared for the Vegan Daniel Fast for February, that my church has every year.

I have also decided to curb my spending.I am a thrift store, bargain hunting lunatic. I am always on a hunt for a deal. If there is a trend or a cute outfit in a magazine, I like to re-create it. I will go to the thrift store and look for pieces and its so addictive! So, my goal this year is to limit my spending per month to $50, that includes accessories, clothing and cosmetics. I think it can be done, as I have my wardrobe together for the winter. I'm trying to save better this year as well as prepare for my Walt Disney World trip with my family in May as well as a get-a-way that my hubby and I have planned for late August.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Last year was one for the record books, I was not sad to see 2011 go. I had many trials and tribulations last year, some worth not mentioning. I will say, God kept my family and that is all that really matters. I'm back on the scene. During all of the holiday festivities, I didn't think twice about blogging, I did check out everybody else. I just wanted to enjoy my time with my family and I did just that. I am enjoying my XBOX 360, I have been jamming to my Dance Central 2 and Zumba and working out with the hubby in the basement(TAE BO) Billy Blanks is a lunatic but it's getting a great workout. We also have been spending about a half hour on insane abs!!! I can truly say this holiday break was not spent pigging out!!! Oh well, let's put together my menu for the week and figure out some goals for the month of January:)